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Peperomia milano 5.5/10 Plants Almost Paradise Berlin

Peperomia milano (Zwergpfeffer) 5.5/10

Almost Paradise Berlin
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    Height: 15cm
    Pot size: ⌀10cm

    • Partial shade to bright indirect sunlight. Some direct sunlight at the morning is okay.

    • When watering, give it a thorough drink but allow soil to dry completely before watering again. Preferably let them sit on the watering plate until soil is completely moist all the way to the top (5-15min). At the summer time, this might be once a week and winters only every two weeks. Peperomias will hold water on the leaves and stems so they might survey several weeks without water.

    • Don´t mist

    • During the Spring/Summer growing season, use a slow-release and diluted liquid fertilizer once a month.

    Peperomias are not poisonous