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Lithops - Living Stones 6/6 Plants Almost Paradise Berlin

Lithops - Living Stones 6/6

Almost Paradise Berlin
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Height: 6cm
Pot size: ⌀6cm

Lithops watering and growing cycle is as weird as they look.

Do not water! Lithops go completely dormant during summer. (If they go very wrinkled at summer you can give a very tiny amount of water to the soil.)

They start to live and grow again. New growth forces between old leaves. When you see this happening it´s time to water the soil. Give plenty of water to the soil but avoid watering the leaves. Repeat this over the season when the soil has dried completely and the leaves start to wrinkle a bit.

Do not water! New leaves will drink from the old ones. Old leaves will shrivel and dry over time but do not give any water.

When old leaves are dry husks only, you can remove them and give you plant lightly water.

Some Lithops needs water only couple of times per year. If in doubt, wait until leaves start to wrinkle a bit.

Lithops love also direct sunlight but do it gradually to avoid sunburns.

Most Lithops start flowering after 3 years.