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Echt Wasabi Japonica 17/40 Plants Almost Paradise Berlin

Echt Wasabi Japonica 17/40

Almost Paradise Berlin
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Height: 40cm
Pot size: ⌀17cm

Try to grow your own wasabi! Wasabi plant need shady and little bit cooler place for better growing.

Deep and regular watering is required to keep the soil moist and maintain humidity and coolness around the wasabi plant. Never allow the plant to dry out.

Wasabi prefers organic-rich, loose and crumbly soil with good drainage and some moist retaining ability.

The ideal temperature for growing wasabi is between 12-20C.

All parts of wasabi are edible. You can start harvesting the leaf stems, leaves and flowers when the plant reaches 25-30cm in height. You can harvest the rhizomes by pulling the entire plant up. Even the roots of the plant are edible!