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Cocos nucifera Dwarf Golden Malay 19/120 Plants Almost Paradise Berlin

Cocos nucifera Dwarf Golden Malay 19/120

Almost Paradise Berlin
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Height: 120cm
Pot size: ⌀19cm

When this plant is smaller it prefers lots of indirect bright light. Little bit later when it is more taller and when it has more leaves, it also needs lots of direct sunlight, or at least a growing lamp.

Water regularly and keep potting medium moist all the time. The coconut palm is a thirsty plant and needs water 1-2 per week. Do not water the nut itself, only potting medium.

You should change nursery pot (where it comes) quite soon to bigger one. It needs much more space for roots when it starts to grow properly after early months.

Feed your palm year-round with a weak and balanced liquid fertilizer. More often during summer months when it's actively growing.