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Carnivorous plants Drosera (fleischfressende pflanzen) 8.5/15 Plants Almost Paradise Berlin

Carnivorous plants Drosera (fleischfressende pflanzen) 8.5/15

Almost Paradise Berlin
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Height: 15cm
Pot size: ⌀8.5cm

Bright indirect light.

Keep this plant moist. To make it easy, keep the plant on a dish filled with water. As soon as it is dry refill it.

Soil should always be wet but not too soggy. Always use soft water, preferably rainwater. Carnivorous plants hate lime so give them only mineral-free water (distilled or deionised). At winter time reduce watering but keep soil still damp. Don't ever let the soil dry out.

Potting medium should be low-nutrient. Live sphagnum moss, dried long-fiber sphagnum moss or a mix of three parts peat moss to one part clean sharp sand.