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Chamaedorea baby plant Plants Almost Paradise Berlin

Chamaedorea Babypflanze (Bergpalme)

Almost Paradise Berlin
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Height: 15cm
Pot size: ⌀5.5cm check 6cm pots too
  • Almost anything else but no direct sunlight. The best is bright, indirect light but it will thrive also in lower light conditions and artificial lighting.

  • Parlor palms are more forgiving if you forget to water than if you overdo the watering and water too frequently. Let the the top part of soil dry out before watering again. Summer time that could be once a week and winter maybe only 1-2 per month. Always check the soil first.

  • It loves higher humidity, so misting is good. Try also pebble trays with water. If it develops dry out tips, humidity might be too low.

  • Fertilizer: Feed Parlor palm during the growing season every few weeks with a weak houseplant feed solution.