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Trachycarpus Fortunei 27/140 Plants Almost Paradise Berlin

Dypsis lutescens "Areca Palm" (Goldfruchtpalme) 21/95

Almost Paradise Berlin
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Height: 140cm
Pot size: 27cm

Windmill palm tree is one of the most adaptable palms you can grow. This tree is a giant in its native habitat, but only reaches 6-8 ft when grown in a container indoors. Slow-growing, it will take this indoor palm plant several years to reach this height.

Give the palm as much light as you can. Move it outdoors for the summer, if you want. Just be sure to keep it protected from strong winds, which can damage the fronds

Allow the top of the soil to become slightly dry between waterings. Do not allow the roots to sit in water. These plants can dry out quickly so keep an eye on the soil and water regularly during the summer. Less water is required in winter.