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Sustee Aqua meter

Sustee aqua meter

The first moisture checker with pF indicator for your home.

For the first time ever, a home-grade moisture checker has been equipped with a pF indicator (available water capacity).

Color change tells you the right time to water.

Just stick in and leave in the pot.


 Sustee size Medium

  • Sustee is suitable for all plants and types of soil.
  • It works without batteries
  • Always water your plant thorougly
  • If Sustee doesn't change it's color, try to insert it in different spot
  • Sustee is eco friendly, buy refills and change only inner core. Sustee's inner core is made from non-wowen cotton and will decompose.
  • 80% of plant witherings is caused by improper watering. SUSTEE solves this problem!
 size small size medium size large
⇒ POT diameter 6-10cm
⇒ POT diameter 10-18cm
⇒ POT diameter 18-36cm


Insert SUSTEE into the soil 2. Water3. Monitor

1. Set
Insert SUSTEE into the soil at the base of a potted plant, up to the " Ω " marking.

2. Water
It will change color from white to blue within 30 minutes after watering.

3. Monitor
Blue  ⇒  enough water in soil
White  ⇒  in need of watering


Everything about the pF-value SUSTEE relies on.

Everything about the pF-value SUSTEE relies on.

"pF" stands for "potential force" and describes the effort it takes the plants' roots to extract water from the soil.

"High pF-value" means that it takes the plants a lot of effort to extract water, which in turn suggests that the soil is rather dry.

"Low pF-value" means that the plants can extract water easily, which in turn suggests that the soil is wet.

"High pF-value" means that the soil is dry and plants struggle to extract water. A too "Low pF-value" suggests that the plants' roots are submerged in water and unable to breath.

There is a "pF-value" spectrum which is good for all plants. In other words: this is a quantity of water that is suitable for every plant, enabling it to extract water stress free. This is called the "Ideal moisture level ".

SUSTEE is designed to change its color from white to blue at a pF-value of 2.0, which is the middle value of the "ideal moisture level ". This way, the "ideal moisture level " suitable for every plant can be monitored for every type of plant and soil.

Buy refills and change only inner core

Depending types of soil you will have to replace the inner core within 6-24 months after insertion.

Organic culture soil (~6-9 months)
Inorganic soil (~9-12 months)
Hydroculture (~1-2 years)
Bog moss/Bark (~1-2 years)
Peat moss (~1 year)

Sustee refill instructions