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Jasminum polyanthum Baby plant Plants Almost Paradise Berlin

Jasminum polyanthum Baby plant

Almost Paradise Berlin
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Height: 20cm
Pot size: ⌀6cm

Full sun to partial shade. Bright indirect light is best for Jasmin but it can handle also 4-6 hours direct sunlight per day.

Water a lot when it is flowering. At flowering time the soil should be always moist or the flowers might fall off. At winter resting period it needs less water but also on that time always little bit moist.

You can mist Jasmin daily, but lightly. Don't keep leaves wet to keep insects out of Jasmin.

Jasmin needs six weeks cooler period at autumn so it can/will produce new flowers at early spring.

Fertilizer: Start feeding when new growth appears. You can fertilize weekly with a very light dosages (1/4 of what fertilizer bottle says). Keep fertilizing during growing season at spring and summer.

You can prune Jasmin heavily before growing season starts to keep it in nice shape or at wanted size.