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Gold woven tealight Ø8cm Homeware ReturnToSender

Gold woven tealight Ø8cm

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This unique tealight holder is handmade in India, hand braided from golden metal wire. It has a modern design, but gives a warm atmosphere to every interior. Great to combine with our other products in the hand-braided metal wire collection.


All "Return to Sender" products are handmade and unique, which may result in some charming imperfections. The products may therefore be a little different from those in the photo.


This unique product is made of hand-braided metal wire in Moradabad in Northern India, also known as the ‘brass city’ of India. The used technique originated from weaving tree twigs into baskets for practical daily use. This way they are keeping alive this wonderful craft passed down from one generation to another.


The women who make this product earn a fair wage, making them more independent. This empowers them to take care of their family on their own and to send their children to school. Next to receiving health services, they work under safe conditions and are trained on the job.

Including glass inner shell

Handmade & Fair trade

  • Material: Metal wire
  • Size: Ø8 H8cm
  • Color: Gold