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Cycas revoluta - Sago Palm 21/70 Plants Almost Paradise Berlin

Cycas revoluta - Sago Palm 25/70

Almost Paradise Berlin
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Height: 70cm
Pot size: Ø25cm

A Sago Palm needs bright light with a little direct sun in the morning. Give a Sago Palm ¼ of a turn each week to keep it from growing toward the light. In bright light a Sago Palm produces short thick fronds, in lower light the fronds are long and thin.

Allow the top 75% of the soil to dry out before thoroughly watering a Sago Palm. Water sparingly in the winter when there is less light and cooler temperatures. Be careful never to get water in the crown of a Sago Palm plant, this can cause crown rot disease and the eventual death of the plant. Sago Palms should never be allowed to totally dry out.

Feed a Sago Palm Plant monthly from the spring through fall with a liquid fertilizer (18-6-18) at half of the recommended strength. To avoid leaf tip burn, never feed a Sago Palm if the soil is very dry. The fronds of a Sago Palm shrivel and dry up if it has been over-fertilized.

Sago Palms prefer high humidity so you may need to place a humidifier near the palm if the air in your home is very dry. Sago Palms can survive in basic household humidity but will not grow as well.

Pot Size
The roots of a Sago Palm do not like to be disturbed so re-pot only when necessary. You can control the height of a Sago Palm Plant by keeping it in a small pot.

Remove dead or damaged fronds from a Sago Palm as soon as they appear.

A Sago Palm is a very poisonous houseplant. All parts are poisonous, especially the seeds. Keep a Sago Palm out of the reach of children, dogs, and especially cats who love to play with the fronds of the plant.