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Coffea arabica (Coffee Plant) 12/25 Plants Almost Paradise Berlin

Coffea arabica (Coffee Plant) 10/40

Almost Paradise Berlin
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Height: 40cm
Pot size: ⌀10cm

If you intend to harvest coffee berries later, you need to separate these seedlings to different pots to give more space for growing. It really is a small tree...

Coffee Plants need bright indirect light from an east or west facing window. Avoid direct sunlight.

Water a Coffee Plant when the top of soil has dried out. These plants are not drought resistant and can suffer permanent damage if the soil totally dries out. Leaves fall off if the plant is over or under watered. Try to keep soil moist but not too wet.

A Coffee Plant needs to be fed only twice a year, once in March and again in late summer. Use a well balanced plant food (10-10-10) or fish emulsion.

These plants prefer constant temperatures between 15-27C.

A Coffee Plant needs high humidity so consider placing a small humidifier near it or setting it on a wet pebble tray.

As a Coffee Plant matures it produces small white fragrant blooms, followed by red berries. Inside the red berries are the seeds or beans that can be roasted and ground into coffee.

Use a porous light weight acidic soil that also contains some peat moss or humus.

Pot Size
Repot Coffee plants in the spring if they have outgrown their current pot (every 2-3 years), but only increase the pot size by 3-5cm at a time to prevent issues with overwatering.

Aggressively cut back straggly new growth to keep the plant short and bushy.

Poisonous Plant Info
Coffee Plants may be toxic to humans and pets when eaten. Some sources say yes and others no, so we can't be which is true.