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Caladium Kathleen 24/80 Plants Almost Paradise Berlin

Caladium Kathleen 24/80

Almost Paradise Berlin
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Height: 80cm
Pot size: ⌀24cm

Medium light.

Water the soil when it is dry to the touch.

gently mist daily, prefers high humidity levels. Pebble tray helps.

Fertilizer: Feed only when it is actively growing during spring to late summer.

Storing Caladium Bulbs for winter time

As foliage begins to die down in the fall, reduce water, dig up and air dry bulbs for a week. Store in a dry location at 13C or above.

How to Plant Caladium Bulbs on spring

Planting Caladiums is very easy. Plant the top of the bulb 3-5cm below the surface with the eyes up. If the soil is sandy, mix in some peat moss to improve moisture retention. Mulch around the planting and keep moist throughout the season. Fertilize every six weeks with a 6-6-6 type fertilizer or slow release type fertilizer. Use about a teaspoon per bulb.