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Pilea peperomoides - Chinese money plant 15/30 Plants Almost Paradise Berlin

Pilea peperomioides - Chinese money plant 17/35

Almost Paradise Berlin
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Height: 35cm
Pot size: ⌀17cm

Pilea will do best in a bright, indirect sun light. Even though this plant is part of the succulent family, do not place your Pilea in direct sunlight since it will scorch the leaves. Pilea plant can adapt to lower light areas, but the leaves will turn a darker green and the plant will spread out more.

Allow the soil to dry between waterings, as Pilea does not like soggy soil. Watch the leaves - when they start looking a bit droopy, it’s time to water your plant. In warmer weather, they need to be watered more frequently. When you give water, give plenty and let it drip a while before putting back in ceramic pot.

Does not require any extra humidity and does well in a drier environment. Keep away from heating systems in the winter, or it will drop leaves.

For best results, use a balanced liquid houseplant fertilizer at half strength twice during the spring and summer.

If you notice white spots on your Pilea, they are most likely caused by salts and chemicals in your water.

Pilea is generally non-toxic for humans and pets. However, when ingested in very large quantities, they can cause a mild digestive reaction.