How to take care of Calatheas?

How to take care of Calatheas? Calathea Fusion White

Water: Calathea like to have moist soil, but not soggy. Do not let it sit long times on water or too wet soil. Keep in mind that plant roots need also air between watering. When you water, water thoroughly! Let all the water drain out of the drainage hole, and you are done. After watering, let it drip a while before putting back to ceramic pot.

How often Calatheas (or other green plants) needs water?

There is no calendar for watering, it all depends of the light, temperature, air humidity, time of the year, plant size, pot size and material, dusty level on the leaves, type of the soil...

Just stick the finger in the soil and check little bit deeper if soil is still moist or drying out. There might still be enough moist after top part (2-3cm) is dried out. Bigger the pot, more moist underneath. They need more at the summer time and less at winter.

Air humidity: High humidity levels are a must. Mist frequently if you don't have high humidity levels. Stand on a wet pebble tray to improve humidity and mist lightly frequently. Keep it at the shower room from time to time to give an extra boost. Another nice way to increase humidity is to group plants together.

Temperature: Prefers warm to high temperatures (min. 15°C, optimal 18-23°C), but keep away from heaters.

Light: Thrives in medium to bright indirect light, but can tolerate low indirect light. Direct sun light is too much but little bit morning sun might be okay.

Fertilizer: Give liquid plant food lightly 1-2 times per month at growing season. Use only a half dosage of balanced all-purpose fertilizer.

Pruning: Prune out old blooms and dead, dying or damaged leaves when they occur. Cut leaves at the base where the leaf joins the main stalk with a pair of sharp scissors. You can also trim browning edges from Calathea with scissors. Disinfect the scissors before use to prevent spreading bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

Repotting: Repot when roots are pounding in old pot, they might also grow out from bottom holes. One indication is also that soil is drying out quickly or much faster than earlier.

Calatheas like most of the other house plants need light/airy/fluffier soil. Mix 1 part perlite and cactus medium to 2-3 part of universal potting soil. This will increase drainage and oxygen to your plant’s roots. Use only good quality soils.

Poisonous info for cats, dogs, humans: Calathea family is not poisonous.