Phlebodium aureum Plants Almost Paradise Berlin

Phlebodium aureum "Blue Star" 14/45

Almost Paradise Berlin
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Height: 45cm
Pot size: 14cm

  • Low to moderate light

  • Keep soil moist. It will tolerate if soil dries out from time to time. Never wet or soggy. Water when the top 50% of soil is dry. Watering from the sides is better than directly to center of the plant.

  • Mist lightly with water every day or keep it in the bathroom. Prefers high humidity.

  • Feed every couple of months with very light liquid food during growing season. It doesn't need much.

  • When repotting, make sure to use only very well draining potting medium. Mixing a lot of orchid medium (3/4) to the green plant soil (1/4) is a good idea as this plant grows as epiphyte in the nature.

Phlebodium aureum is not poisonous.