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Repotting house plants and potting soils

Reportting plants

Peat-based soils will decompose over time and should as a rule, be changed yearly.

When potting medium decomposes, it also compresses so that air and water with fertilizers will be blocked from the roots. Drainage becomes more difficult. When the drainage slows, faster buildup of salts will happen, which can cause the soil to get soggy easier. Plant roots need to breath too.

You can improve ready made potting soil by mixing in a few handfuls of perlite. It won't slow the decomposition of the peat, but it will increase aeration.

It is a good idea to flush out the potting medium thoroughly with water a few times a year, to rinse out accumulated salts from fertilizer and deposits from tap water. Just remember to let them drip off excess water before replacing the nursery pot back into the ceramic pot.

Repotting does not necessarily mean changing a plant's current planter, it can also mean changing its soil or potting mix and maybe trimming roots.

Succulent, Snake plant (Sansevieria) and Aloe needs potting media that is more porous so water can run through quickly. You can use succulent & cactus mix or add plenty of perlite and sand to ready made Green plant soil. 1/3 part of each is a good start. If you use universal soil, you need to add much more sand and perlite.

Tropical plants like Calatheas, Aglaonemas and Ferns will prefer more peat since it helps the soil to stay uniformly moist. These are normally happy with ready made Green plant potting soil but a handfull of perlite will be appreciated. These type of plants need repotting yearly but they do not need bigger nursery pot every time.

Plants which need to be repotted only every few years, need more special potting medium which will stay airy and porous longer. Monsteras need repotting every few years, you can use:
- 1/2 Green plant potting soil and 1/2 coco fiber or
- 1/2 Green plant potting soil and 1/2 succulent & cactus mix or
- 3/4 Green plant potting soil, 1/4 perlite
Lastly, you can also top a thin layer of worm compost.

Hoyas need even more time between repotting 3-5 years. Hoyas are epiphytes so they need good air circulation and prefer their roots to dry out between watering.
Use 1/3 succulent & cactus mix, 1/3 Orchid Mix and 1/3 Perlite

Pothos need well-aerated, quick-draining potting soil that dries out quickly. You can use Green plant potting soil with a handful of perlite. Repot Pothos plants every 2-3 years. Pothos will be okay slightly root bound.